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How do I make a purchase?
Buying OverBoard products couldn't be easier. Just browse through our product categories, select the appropriate style, size and colour of any items you wish to purchase and add them into your shopping basket. After you've finished making your selections, click on "Checkout" and you will be asked for a few details that we need to process the order.

Do you ship to Europe and the Rest of the World?
If you live outside of the UK, please place your order by selecting either the OverBoard European store or your closest OverBoard Regional Store below.

> Europe

> Rest of World

How quickly will I receive an item I have purchased?
All orders received before 3pm, Mon to Fri are sent out the same day. To make sure you get your order safely, all our products are sent first class by registered post and require a signature.

Standard Delivery: 2 - 4 days - £3.95 - sent 1st Class Royal Mail

Express Delivery: 24 - 48 hours (Mon to Fri - no weekend deliveries) - £8.95 - sent with DPD couriers

Christmas Delivery Gurantee

Any orders received before 12 noon on Friday 21st December will be delivered before Christmas!

What tax charges will I incur on my purchase?
All prices will include VAT which is currently set at 20%

Is it safe to purchase something through your website?
All OverBoard websites use the latest and greatest security methods to protect your details when you submit them to our online store. We use a 256-bit SSL encryption to encrypt your credit / debit card information when you place an order on our secure server. In English that means that when you submit your information to us we jumble it all up and then un jumble it on our secure system so that we and only we can view your precious information.

To ensure that your information is secure, any page that you are entering information on should be marked as secure. Secure pages are indicated by either of the following:

  1. The beginning of the web address changing from 'http://' to 'https://'.
  2. A padlock symbol appearing in the bottom right-hand corner of your web browser. is also independently tested quarterly to ensure that high security standards are maintained, which significantly reduces the risk that this site will be compromised and credit card or other sensitive data will be stolen or misused.

What types of payment do you accept?
You can use any of the types of payment method below on our website:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Delta
  • Switch, Solo
  • Maestro
  • PayPal

Alternatively you can pay over the telephone by calling 0345 208 5755 and speaking to a member of our friendly sales team who will assist you as best they can.

What do I do if my purchase arrives faulty or develops a fault over time?
In the odd event that one of our products arrives faulty or develops a fault overtime, we provide a very fair and honest faulty goods return policy. Please either email a photo of the fault with a short description to '', or send the item back to us using the exact same steps as above and we will test your product to determine the exact reason for the fault. If this reason turns out to be a manufacturing fault then we will send you out a brand new replacement. You can't get much fairer than that!

What guarantees and warranties come with the product?
First and foremost you get our no quibble 'have your money back in full if not entirely satisfied' guarantee providing the item is returned to us in mint, we can sell it to someone else, condition.
Second you have your statutory rights - and we'd never mess with those.

Plus there is our own manufacturers 12 months warrantee against any defects in materials used or the way it was made.

What do you mean by '100 per cent waterproof'?
We mean that no water will get in if you seal the bag according to the instructions, don't exceed the stringent conditions under which our bags are tested and keep it protected from getting snagged or pierced.

What waterproof rating system do we use for our products?

Ingress Protection Rating System

Water resistant for light rain and spray.

Foul weather and spray proof.

Floats and can handle quick submersion.

Submersible to depths of up to 1m / 3ft for 30 minutes.

Submersible to depths of up to 6m / 19ft for 60 minutes.

Ingress Protection (IP) and what it means

The IP Code, or Ingress Protection Rating consists of the letters IP followed by two digits and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, it classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, and water. The standard aims to provide a user with more detailed information rather than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.

How do our products seal?
We have captured a small tribe of aliens from the planet Sprog who sit inside the unit and suck hard. Actually that will be Release Three. As of now find links to the sealing demos below:

How tough are the materials?
Bloody tough. If in doubt ask the strong men who wept when putting them through the British Standards Testing programme. To be honest we didn't actually see them cry but like to believe they sobbed a little in a quiet corner.

What quality control is involved with your products?
The last thing we want is for our products to let anyone down. Our business depends on it and so do our own precious electronics - because we use them ourselves. That's why every production line and every batch is thoroughly tested not just in a lab, but out in the real world.

Product Testing Phases

Temperature Test

The materials used in our OverBoard waterproof tech bags and cases are heated up to +40°C to simulate use in very hot climates. They are then placed in 1 meter of moderately warm shallow water to simulate surface water capabilities to check for leaks, floatation, humidity and durability. We also test for accelerated frost resistance by freezing our cases to -20°C to check for cracking, elasticity pliancy, and snow ingress. Now we don’t recommend you do the same with your teach for prolonged periods - it won’t damage the product, but condensation might build up inside the case and your electronics could become inoperable if they get too hot or cold!

Depth Test

Water ingress protection is our speciality and our tech cases are submerged down to 7 meters for 1.5 hours to see if they can defend against leaks and pressure. We’re pleased to say that they all passed with flying colours - but don’t forget that these are extreme test conditions so we don’t advise you do the same with your tech. The deeper you go underwater the more pressure there is which can crack the screen on your phone, tablet or electronic device which is why we have approved our cases for use down to 6m/19ft for 60 minutes only.

Strength Test

Before any gear can roll off the production line, it undergoes Break Strength Testing – We literally test our products and their components to breaking point using specialised hydraulic equipment. The things we look out for are maximum load at break, deflection at maximum load, load break and deflection at break for all our straps, clips, buckles, Velcro, stitching, zippers, welds and webbing.

Dust, Sand and Dirt Test

Our tech cases are also tested in a controlled environment using Norwegian talcum powder – the finest man-made dust available.  The case is exposed to these minute dust particles in an irregular, multi-directional manner and afterwards, the cases are then inspected for any ingress. It’s a messy job but our cases don’t mind, they’re dust, dirt and sand proof too.

Quality Control

Dunk Test

Sometimes the simplest tests are the most effective, at the end of production, we fill our cases with compressed air and we check them for holes, leaks, waterproofing, colour fastness, dust defence and decay by dunking our gear in all sorts of dirt and liquids.

Weld Pressure Test

We like to batch-test our gear by filling our waterproof dry tubes, bags and backpacks with compressed air and then squeezing them really hard in our hydraulic compression tester. This forces compressed air in all directions making sure every seam and stich-free high frequency weld has been fused correctly making them 100% waterproof.

Load Break Test

If we say our backpacks can hold 20kgs, we want to make sure that every strap, weld and seam can handle it so we use a high-capacity sheer tension testing process where we stretch, twist, flex, bend and pull everything apart to make sure it won’t break its promises.

Repetitive Stress Test

We open and close our cases for hours at a time to test for component fracture and fatigue using slow-speed static testing and high-frequency dynamic fatigue testing to make sure our clips, buckles, Velcro and zips can withstand a lifetime of daily use.

For further information on our testing programme, please Email ''.

What's the desiccant sachet for?
In humid climates or warm waters, the moisture sensitive desiccant sachet soaks up condensation and offers your electronics additional protection. The fact that it's included is just another sign that we care.

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