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Who is Stardupp?
Stardupp is a distinguished Dutch brand specialising in premium inflatable SUP boards, and boasts a decade of expertise in water sports. Offering superior quality at competitive prices, Stardupp stands out in the industry. Originating from a passionate community of water sports enthusiasts, their boards come equipped with essential accessories.

Harnessing their proprietary USL Fusion Technology, Stardupp's inflatable SUP boards are celebrated for their lightweight construction, heightened stiffness, and remarkable durability. Moreover, customers benefit from an extended 3 Year Warranty, underscoring Stardupp's steadfast dedication to quality.
What is the significance of board thickness?
The thickness of the board largely determines its stiffness. The stiffer the board, the more stable it stands. We recommend a 15cm thick board. This thickness makes the board almost completely rigid and allows it to support a lot of weight on one point up to 170kg.
What is the importance of board width?
Width mainly determines stability. The wider the board, the more stable it is. However, this comes at the expense of speed. An excessively wide board can feel bulky and heavy while paddling, whereas a too narrow board may be fast but also more difficult to navigate. We typically recommend a board around 81-82cm wide for most situations.
How does board length impact performance?
Length primarily affects the maneuverability of the board. A longer board makes it easier to paddle straight and feels faster. You'll also need to switch sides less frequently with your paddle to keep the board in a straight line. A shorter board, on the other hand, is more maneuverable but requires more frequent corrections. Of course, this largely depends on your paddling style, but as they say, practice makes perfect!
What are the different board shapes?
SUPs often come in two different shapes: Touring models and All-round models.

All-around boards feature a rounded nose and a wide deck, enabling them to glide smoothly on the water's surface rather than cutting through it - this design enhances their stability compared touring models, making them ideal for various paddling activities.

Touring models typically have a more pointed shape, making it easier to paddle against currents. Designed for extended, fast-paced flat-water paddling, touring SUP boards boast a pointed nose for enhanced efficiency and performance.
How much do you need to inflate your board?
We suggest inflating your board to a pressure of 15-18 psi depending on the model. For Elite range of boards, aim for 18 psi, and for the Level Blue board pump to 15 psi. If unsure, check the product comparison guide to see each board’s maximum PSI rating. With the Stardupp Y-2 Double Action Sup Pump’s pressure gauge you can ensure the correct air pressure.
How do you deflate and pack your board away?
Relief the valve, and squeeze from the end.

Detach the fins. This makes the board easier to roll up or fold.

Release the air valve: Open the valve on your board to release the air. Press down on the valve to ensure all air is expelled.

Roll up or fold the board: Starting from the opposite end of the valve, roll the board tightly towards the valve. This helps to expel any remaining air and makes the board more compact.

Secure the board: Once rolled or folded, use the included strap to secure the board in its compact form. Make sure it's tightly secured to prevent it from unrolling or unfolding during transport.

Pack accessories: If you have any accessories such as paddles, pumps, or repair kits, pack them in the included backpack alongside the board for easy transport.

By following these steps, you can efficiently deflate and pack up your SUP board for transport until your next adventure.
How long can your board be inflated?
Our boards are designed for extended inflation periods, so you can keep them inflated throughout the season if you prefer. However, it's normal to experience a gradual loss of pressure over time, especially with temperature changes. We recommend adding extra air before paddling to maintain optimal performance on the water.
How do you interpret max weight?
The variation in SUP board weights is down to how the term "maximum weight" is interpreted.

Stardupp references the maximum weight of the person (considering the experience level of riders up to a specific weight), but also the maximum load capacity of the board.

Maximum Weight of Person - We ensure that the standing area of our boards is wide enough and properly profiled to accommodate riders weighing up to the maximum weight while maintaining an authentic paddling experience.

Maximum Load Capacity - This is the total weight capacity of the board, accounting for a passenger and / or additional items.

The indicated "maximum weight of person" indicates the point at which the board may start to sink, but a board with the right shape and profile for optimal performance is a separate consideration.

Width is a crucial factor influencing stability and rider support which is another consideration. Wider boards offer enhanced stability and better support for both riders and passengers. For instance, our entry-level Level Blue 10’8” Board is well-suited for riders weighing up to 130kg due to its appropriately positioned width.
What kind of fins do Stardupp have?
Stardupp offers three types of fins:

Stardupp Slide Fin: Designed for effortless mounting on inflatable SUPs, the Slide Fin is crafted from glass fibre reinforced nylon for strength and durability.

Stardupp Racing Slide-In Fin: Ideal for upgrading standard slide-in fins on SUP boards, the Racing Slide-In Fin prioritises straight-line sailing. With a stiff design, large surface area, long base, and leading edge, it offers resistance to paddler-induced forces at higher speeds.

Then there's the Stardupp Racing US Fin, a (US box) universal fin optimised for touring and racing. Its larger rake provides maximum grip and directional stability while maintaining speed.