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What to do with your valuables while at the beach

Ready to hit the beach? (Aren’t we all…)

There’s quite a lot to take along if you want to make the most of your beach trip.

Sunglasses, sunscreen and towel, check.

Phone + wallet, check.

Kindle + camera, check.

Phew. There’s a fair bit of paraphernalia needed when you’re heading to the beach. But what do you do with it all when you get there?

Beaches are all about relaxation and enjoyment. The last thing you want is to be worrying about your belongings, and most of all, your valuables. Whether you’re flying solo or in a group, no one wants to be the one stuck behind guarding everyone’s stuff.

 OverBoard Blog - What to do with your valuables while at the beach

Once you’ve selected your perfect sunbathing spot, you want to be able to go frolic in the sea or nap with ease.

Want a solution for how to deal with your beach belongings once and for all? Read on for our tried and tested list of options:

How to keep valuables safe at the beach

Decide what you really need to take with you

First of all, let’s start by saying that we wouldn’t recommend bringing any important documents such as your passport to the beach. Let’s face it, passports are an absolute pain to replace, and even if you are taking the necessary measures to keep your belongings safe, you’re still in a public place. Take our advice and leave your passport locked up in the hotel safe.

 OverBoard BLog - What to do with your valuables while at the beachNow, everyone wants to take photos at the beach, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to. Just get a waterproof camera bag, and you’re good to go.

Leaving home without your smartphone give you anxiety? This is one valuable that you can’t afford to lose, because of all the important data and memories stored on it. We wouldn’t recommend leaving this behind at any point - take it swimming with you in a waterproof case and you can also capture all the uber cool underwater photos.

Store all your items in a waterproof bag

Whether you’re planning to go for a swim or not, a waterproof bag is a great option for the beach as it protects your items not just from any splashes of water, but also from sand and dirt. Waterproof bags are secure, easy to use, and durable so last for ages. It’s also easy to carry them while doing any watersports.

 OverBoard BLog - What to do with your valuables while at the beach

Dry bags are a versatile option, as not only can you take it to the shores, you can also use them outside the beach and as a pillow for essential beach napping time.

Bury your waterproof bag in the sand

It would take a really persistent beach thief to rummage around in the hot sand for your belongings. Since dry bags are resistant to damage from sand or dirt, you can bury your waterproof bag in the sand under your towel.

 OverBoard Blog - What to do with your valuables while at the beach

Snooze and swim in peace knowing that all your belongings are well hidden and not at risk of getting damaged.

Ask someone to keep an eye on your belongings

This is a fairly simple and straightforward tactic, but it requires a little bit of trust in human kindness. Ask someone you think looks reliable and trustworthy to watch over your things. You can always pay them back by returning the favour.

Make sure that whoever you entrust with your things is planning to stay at the beach for long enough. Keep a lookout as soon as you arrive at the beach for any responsible looking people that look like they are settled in for the long haul. Families with kids are usually a safe bet.

This tactic definitely isn’t foolproof though - attempt it at your own risk!

Ask local staff to look after your things for you

Got a restaurant or bar nearby? You could ask the waiter or barman to keep any eye on your things. They might not necessarily want to take responsibility of them, but it helps if you’ve eaten or drank something from their establishment.

 OverBoard Blog - What to do with your valuables while at the beach

Again, you can’t be sure that anyone else will look after your belongings with the same care and attention as you would. You will have to assess the situation and make a judgement call on whether you can entrust them with your stuff or not.

Disguise your valuables by hiding them

Got an empty sunscreen bottle lying around at home? Clean it out and stash valuables such as your money and keys into it. This way you can leave your valuables in plain sight without worrying about them attracting too much attention. (Unless there’s a sunscreen thief in your midst, of course….)

 OverBoard Blog - What to do with your valuables while at the beach

Other options include tubes of Pringles, small biscuit boxes, and empty water bottles. Basically, any innocent items that you’d expect beach-goers to have on them. Take care to position it in such a way that it isn’t mistaken for trash and thrown away!

Check if there are any lockers available

Though it isn’t particularly common for public beaches to have lockers, some do have them. You will likely have to pay to rent them, but it’s worth it for your peace of mind.

Ask around and see if you can find nearby locker services to store things that you may need constant access to throughout the day.

If you’re considering doing a watersport, it’s very likely that they will have lockers available for customers that you can ask to use for the whole day. Asking never hurts!

How to keep money dry while swimming

How inviting do those waters look? If you’re carrying cash (as most of us tend to do on holidays) then invest in a waterproof money container for swimming to make sure it survives your dip.

 OverBoard Blog - What to do with your valuables while at the beach

There is absolutely no need to miss out just because you have your phone, money, and other items that can get damaged with you. There are plenty of great waterproof case that you can get to keep your items with you in the sea/pool with absolutely zero risks of damage.

OverBoard BLog - What to do with your valuables while at the beach

How do you take these with you and swim at the same time, you ask? Many water-resistant cases can be tied around your waist using a belt strap, or you can pop them around your neck using a lanyard. You can also get cases with a secure arm strap. This makes it easy for you to frolic or watersport it up while keeping your most precious items on you. 

Having your valuables on you need not stop you from making the most of beach time 

Let’s face it, we don’t get as much time on the beach as we should. Hopefully, all you travellers (and solo travellers, in particular) can make use of the above list of solutions to ease your mind and allow you to relax and enjoy the precious beach time you do get.

 OverBoard Blog - What to do with your valuables while at the beach

Remember though, no option is 100% safe. The above options help you reduce the risk of losing your items, but the risk is always there. To give yourself that added peace of mind, make sure you get travel insurance before you go. If your valuables do get stolen, at least you’ll know that you can get them refunded!

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