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Eco-friendly Packaging


At OverBoard® we are committed at looking at our impact on the environment to ensure we are doing everything we can to help create a sustainable future.  Nature is our playground, and we have a responsibility to take care the environment that we all love and depend on. 

Since 2020 all our products now use 100% recyclable & biodegradable materials, and below are further details of how we have managed to achieve this and what materials we now use.

Recyclable Card Box Packaging

Used for protecting and packaging our 100% Waterproof Cases, Dry Tubes & Dry Flat Bags.

  • Use Recyclable card
  • All Plastic films removed
  • All Plastic windows removed
  • Recyclable Internal trays (waterproof cases only)

Recyclable Swinger Hangtags

    • Recyclable card material with no plastics
    • Eco-friendly string is being used to attach the swingers to the products

    Eco-Friendly Corn Bags

    Used for protecting and packaging single Backpacks & Duffels, etc.

    • Eco-friendly with 100% biodegradable corn leaf
    • Icons and eco-friendly message printed on each bag

    All Packaging & Components

    Tissue paper is used for protecting the bags from colour bleeding and damage in transit.

    Various icons and symbols promoting that the materials used for the packaging are 100% recyclable have been added to each packaging component.